Rolex Milgauss Replica

Rolex Milgauss replica watches-Vintage Eye for the Modern Guy

I particularly remember especially not only because it is me tonight in the clock of one of the first night of his career, but also because it happens to be someone to sell me a watch for the first time – a brand new Rolex Milgauss replica watches, especially refer to 6541. This work, apparently comes directly from a scientist’s wrist, he decided he didn’t need to he received watch, whether his wife or brothers, whether Christmas gifts or anniversary gift, like it all clear and fresh It was in 1956 the first year of production. With the Submariner’s table ring, the honeycomb dial and the unique lightning second hand – the salesperson is right, this is a unique piece that I can’t forget soon.

In its development and original production, fake Rolex Milgauss began to serve the scientific expert market segment that needed to be able to withstand high levels of electromagnetic. Named “mille”, French words mean one over one thousand, “gaussian” is magnetic field measuring unit, Milgauss through the use of soft iron inner resistance up to 1000 gauss magnetic field, similar to many pilots watch time. As a direct competitor to IWC Ingenieur (issued in 1954) and Omega Railmaster (1957), Milgauss is a great tool for the work of another very valuable “golden age” Rolex tool.

Modern version (Ref. 116400) was released after a series of failures that Rolex released in 2007, nearly two decades later. With 40 mm thick steel watchcase and magnetically soft iron inner shell (or the ferromagnetic metal shield, if your business sounds more interesting), Milgauss is arguably one of the most obvious appearance of the current product watch. The use of green sapphire crystal glass is called “unpatented because it is difficult for other people to try it”; The second hand flashed on the dial with a bold orange dot, an hour mark, and a small outer ring; And three different dial options, whether it’s sun blue, black or white – the watch has undoubtedly realized the “instant recognition” of the Rolex replica watch swiss movement, at least in the watch lover’s circle.

I see modern series mainly by lightning second hand, green sapphire crystal and bright orange as the main characteristics, I saw the modern series and online at the pub on the BBS of clocks and best Rolex replica watches for more than a few debates between lovers. Although some people think the colour scheme from today to see more subtle black, silver and red, turns to green, blue and orange situation get worse, but this series has always been considered a little nifty and bold, even a little fancy. Most importantly, like the wristwatch of the 1950s, it is unique to all other rolex because it brings so much joy to many of today’s wearers.