Rolex Explorer II Replica

Rolex Explorer II Replica Watches Minor Changes In Design

I find myself wearing watches with white or light dials more often than in other seasons. Some time ago I bought a 1998 Rolex Explorer II Replica Watches with a white tritium dial. It was in ‘adequately used’ condition, so I decided to have it serviced at Rolex in Geneva first. Got it back in far better condition than I hoped for, and subsequently never took it out of the protective plastic to wear it.

Some history. The first Cheap Rolex Explorer II Replica saw the light only in 1971. It was an enhancement to the regular Explorer which was in Rolex’ collection already since 1953. Instead of the regular 12-hours the Rolex Explorer II featured a second hour hand rotating the dial in 24 hours. The 24-hour hand was prominently orange colored, important for cave explorers, for whom the watch had been aimed at.

It was only in 1984 that Rolex Replica Watches revamped the Explorer II to such an extend that the reference number changed to 16550. Changes included a sapphire crystal, the use of a caliber 3085 movement – with a double bridge – and a white dial in addition to the black dial model. The shape of the hands changed drastically as well, especially the 24 hour indicator which changed from a small red-orange arrow shaped hand to a long and sleek designed red 24 hour hand with a white arrow at the end.

Then, in 1989, Best Rolex Replica Watches changed the Explorer II again, and it became the reference 16570. It featured a newer type movement and had – aside from the bracelet – only one major optical change from its predecessor. The use of black hour marker rings and hands on the white dial version. The model before had white gold hour markers and hands, just like the Submariner and GMT-Master for example. It is said that beneath the black paint, the hour markers and hands are still white gold.