Rolex Rainbow Daytona Replica

Cheap Rolex Rainbow Daytona In Everose Gold from China online

Fake Rolex Rainbow Daytona was first released in platinum and gold in 2012. It was made in a very limited number, quickly reaching cult status, and nearly tripled in value. This year Rolex gave up the Everose version, to our surprise, and it’s spectacular on metal. Watch is very similar with the previous two versions, but watch and bracelet is a kind of new metal, and at all time points have different index, although not seem a lot, but will have a significant impact.

The watch’s official name is actually not “Rainbow Daytona” – as it has been affectionately called in the last six years. It is officially called Rolex Cosmograph daytona reference to 116595RBOW, precious metal chronometer, sapphire and diamond sets. Rainbow Daytona made by Rolex own rose gold alloy Everose rosy hue (perfect), black lacquer face dial, pink gold dial, crystal bezel set with 36 rectangle sapphire, with 56 diamond into the table ear and casing, and the color index of sapphire. The watch itself is powered by an automatic core of 4130 and is waterproof to a depth of 100 meters / 330 feet.

Everose gold really takes the color out of the screen. I think this pink color really magnifies everything, makes the rainbow border more vibrant – makes us real, that’s what this best Rolex replica watch needs. The biggest change (two, to be fair), and what I’ve just been completely hooked on is a new set of hourly indicators. I mean, have you met them? ! They are now colored sapphires that perfectly match the gradient of the baffle. Previous styles had diamond mosaics (also set to a black-painted dial). I think the change makes the look more consistent, even though the watch is still loud. You know what they say – god is in the details.

The best thing about this cheap fake Rolex watch is that it’s so Rolex. This is your standard Daytona, a traditional chronometer (a tool watch), decorated with a perfect match from a special supplier, hand-cut, hand-set sapphire. IF you don’t know, about 20 internal diamond Rolex, they only use the IF offered (internal) quality gem, which means that they have no inclusions, without blemish, nothing. Basically, every stone and every environment is perfect, because Rolex will settle down without hesitation.

But this is not a new feature of the watch. It makes it so special. Many people think this watch is gaudy, excessive and tacky, but to me, this watch is not that important. Of course, it sounds loud, if five years ago, I asked whether I can wear the Rolex replica watches, the answer is inherently difficult to “no”, but some changes have taken place over the years, I found myself addicted to it. I don’t know why, I generally tend to be very traditional and classical taste, but the truth about the nature of the pure unnecessary this watch what makes me really feel (that and shine, that). But for me, who loves this watch for purely aesthetic reasons, every part has the impressive part I left when I made this work.