Rolex Submariner Replica

Best Rolex Reference 5512 and 5513 replica watches

Although Rolex’s Submariner replica watch is their most successful and representative watch series, not all Submariner references are considered to be equal between collectors. Since its creation in 1953, the basic design of the submersible has not changed. However, as best Rolex replica works to improve and improve its design, it has experienced subtle changes and updates over the years.

Since the mid-1950s, the first Submariner references did not have the same crown guardians as their modern counterparts. Although these early examples have become rare and valuable today, crown guardians have become a hallmark feature of the Submariner series. For many Rolex replica watches collectors and enthusiasts, the classic, old-fashioned Submariner is made of stainless steel, comes with acrylic crystals and comes with a crown but no date complexity. The two specific references representing this definition are 5512 and 5513.

Reference 5512 was introduced in 1958, marking the introduction of the Rolex Submariner replica watches series. Within a few years of publication of reference 5512, Rolex introduced reference 5513 in 1962, and in the following years produced two watches at the same time until it was discontinued in 1978 and 1989. At first glance, the two Submariner references look exactly the same; Even after careful examination, it is difficult to identify a trained set of eyes to identify any significant differences. In fact, the only area of difference between the two Submariner references is the internal motion level and the accompanying text lines printed on the dial, indicating the difference in motion.

In general, reference 5512 Submariner contains a timer rated core certified by COSC, while reference 5513 does not. Due to this subtle difference, reference 5512 Submariner received two additional words on its dial, which read “Superlative Chronometer/glove”, indicating that the core had passed and passed the strict COSC test criteria.

Not all reference 5512 Submariner watches have received COSC level action; The early examples of reference 5512 matched the exact movement of the same core used by Rolex in the early examples of reference 5513, making the reference number engraved on the side of the case uniquely different. A large part of the attraction of reference 5512 and reference 5513 lies in the wide adoption of these watches prior to the use of platinum time scale and synthetic sapphire crystal to Submariner series. Their chunky, domed acrylic crystals and various possible dial changes give them an inherent retro look and feel, while the rest of the cheap fake Rolex watch is very recognizable as the same voyager everyone knows and loves.