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Rolex solved this problem in the 1950s by launching the Oyster Perpetual Milgauss model. The name comes from the French miller gauss, refers to the wrist protection for up to 1000 gauss magnetic field (named after physicist Carl friedrich gauss, gaussian is the unit of measure field strength). This magnetic level, equivalent to 0.1 tesla or 80,000 VPH, is 100 times the typical horseshoe magnet. This will require levels like the MRI scanner to affect the function of the watch. After a lot of time and effort to develop the latest Rolex Milgauss replica watches reissue, Rolex launched the product at the Basel watch fair in 2007.

The inner shell is made of ferromagnetic material, which prevents the magnetic field from moving. It consists of two parts: one container and another lid. The side of the container surrounds the core and is on the side of the dial, and the rear side is sealed. To ensure that the movement is shielded as much as possible, the designer allows only the smallest openings in the dial and case. For example, this is why the date shows no aperture. The shaft of the upper shaft and the fixed pointer have only the necessary small openings. There are also two holes for the screws used to fix the dial. Most other best Rolex replica watches with magnetic protection have a three-part inner shell that overlaps with each other rather than threads.

The fault behind automatic Calibre 3131 is its difference. It is different from the close use of 3130, which is used in the latest version of the resource manager and Submariner, only these modified materials. Calibre 3130, in turn, provides the impetus for Submariner and Datejust models based on the famous Calibre 3135. Because of its rugged design, some watchmakers see the Luxury Rolex Replica Watches manufacturing machine as the best automatic in the market, which makes the speed adjustment very precise. For example, a stable balanced bridge replaces a balanced cock that usually has only one support point. The swing of the balance can be adjusted with two knurled screws. It also ensures the accuracy of each position, as does the free spring balance of the Microstella nut.

The new Rolex Milgauss has a good rating, but unlike other Rolex replica watches that have been tested in the same way. They showed an average of 1.5 seconds of average deviation per day, and there was no strong deviation between vertical and horizontal positions. However, the maximum deviation between these positions is a rather imperfect result in seven seconds. When worn on the wrist, the watch gains three seconds a day. The operation of Milgauss itself, however, is simple. The crown is easy to spin, with only two positions to wrap and place a pointer. The hacking mechanism keeps balance and hands in place so that the wearer can accurately set the watch in second place.