Rolex Gmt-Master Replica

A Matte Dial Rolex Gmt-Master Replica Watches

On a broader scale, the Luxury Rolex Replica Watches that has played second fiddle to the Submariner for so long is underappreciated no more.Why GMT’s are now the big ticket is a great question. Perhaps the Submariner market overheated or perhaps the often colorful aged bezel, in concert with that arrow hand, on the GMT displays more of an “authentic” and “lived in” look desired by those who collect and wear today. Could it also be that infinitely more of us fly, or travel, than dive? A GMT provides a more natural opportunity to “use” your vintage Rolex Replica Watches Swiss Movement when compared to something like a Sub.

As you can see, the watch is in beautiful condition. The case shows a sympathetic polish, but it was well executed and there’s plenty of thickness remaining. The bezel, on the other hand, looks unblemished and bright. The hands are original and display none of the corrosion that often plagues the Fake Rolex GMT-Master 16750 Watches – and often led to non-tritium replacements. This piece sports an 8.1M serial number, which puts it around 1984, and that makes it fitting for a matte dial. Matte-dialed pieces like this are thought to have run up through the 8.4M range before switching to the glossy dials with applied indices. It’s often noted, sadly, that matte dialed pieces received glossy dials when going in for a service.

A matte-dialed Rolex GMT-Master 16750 Replica Watches looks gorgeous on the wrist. When I was a young kid, one of my Dad’s friends wore an older matte dial GMT and I always thought it was a Submariner with a funny bezel. How wrong I was because the GMT is quite a slim watch by comparison despite having a diameter similar to the Sub. It sits close to the wrist and disappears with ease underneath a shirt. Whether worn on a Jubilee or the workhorse 78360 Oyster, the watch is a looker. Sure, they look great on a brown strap, but if one owns a Rolex bracelet and it’s not subject to damage, why wear anything but metal?

There’s a reason why most of us on the Fratello team own or have owned either a 1675 or 16750; it’s a great looking and practical watch with some aviation history to boot. For me, the Rolex GMT-Master 16750 represents a vintage Rolex Replica Watches that I could wear everyday and to about any occasion. It can take a beating and fits beautifully. Better or worse than a 1675? That’s probably not the right question to ask. Instead, I’d say that it’s highly worthy in its own right.